John is a person with deep spiritual insight and talent. He shares his gifts with passion and integrity. To attend his workshop is a rare opportunity to learn new skills that are a necessity for the “toolbox” of life. John generously shares his insights in a safe and nurturing environment with like minded people. I found his workshop to be both practical and inspirational. 

- Vivienne St Clare -

At the end of the workshop i was feeling the best ever... 
- Nick Vardakas -

A welcoming and relaxed environment

- Lauren -

John Morrison meditation workshop breaks profound concepts down into simple to understand explanations and optional instructions that are easy to remember and apply. It was a valuable experience. Now I am looking forward to the review.

- Susan Dimasi -

It’s given me a lot of peace [and] a lot of joy and I know how to relax I didn’t know how to do that being a performer it was very hard for me to relax after a show or building up to a show. There was always lots of stress involved…. So, I think the last couple of years have given me a way to cope with that a lot better … and certainly the relaxation that I absolutely love. And I know that when I go home at night after a session with John I sleep like a baby and that will happen for quite a while until something else in my life will be a little bit more stressful. I’ll go back to meditation as I do every week, I always feel that peace and that joy and that love and over time - it’s getting easier and easier. I do have my own home practice - now that I sit and meditate it’s become easier now for me ... So, it’s the love, the peace, the joy that I experience now that I never had many years ago and I didn’t realise that this could be so present now in my life, I didn’t know that this existed until now. I’m very grateful now, very grateful and I love it, I can’t be without it…

- Julee Johnson -